Dennis and BoopsRunning today’s farm requires more than being a great farmer to prosper; you need a sound financial plan. At West Milton State Bank, our agricultural specialist has extensive experience in both agriculture and financial services and understands the time and dedication it takes to be successful. Many farmers are thinking, “Should I expand?” “What will I do if my equipment breaks down?” “I need more livestock in order to prosper.” We are here to help our customers explore their options of expansion, and to create a comprehensive plan that best suits their specific needs.

Dennis Keefer, West Milton State Bank’s Senior Agricultural Lender, has over 40 years experience in lending to farmers. Being born and raised a farmer in West Milton and a leader of the West Milton State Bank team since 1986 has given him the knowledge that many of your neighbors have found to be a tremendous asset to their success.

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PO Box 150
Mifflinburg, PA 17844
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I like working with Dennis and West Milton State Bank,” said Doug. “Through the years I have recommended other farmers to West Milton. When I see people struggling, I lean them toward the bank because I know they can help.”

-Doug & Jennifer Boop

J&K Vue Farm